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1.- Introduction

The rental accommodation is under the supervision of the management company: ALQUILERES IFACH, S.L. which is in charge of providing the different services, such as key collection, cleaning, maintenance, etc.... 

2.- Scope of application

These general conditions of reservation are applicable to all booking contracts between the Tenant and the Lessor.

3.- Execution of the reservation agreement

At the time the tenant makes a reservation through Internet, in writing, by telephone, by e-mail or in person with the Lessor or with a booking agent, will be considered to be held a contract with these general conditions of reservation.

4.- Changes

Changes in the contract and revocations of these general conditions will only be effective if a written agreement has been made between the lessee and the booking agent. Every change in the rent price has to be agreed and written by both parts. 

5.- Prices

Prices are quoted in euros per accommodation and per week or per day.

ALQUILERES IFACH, S.L. reserves the right to modify the rental price if there are variations in rates, exchange rates and taxes. ALQUILERES IFACH, is not responsible for printing errors in brochures or price lists.

 6.- Payment conditions

The reservation can be made through Internet, in writing, by phone, by e-mail or in person with a booking agent.

The reservation will be definitive when 30% of the price of the reservation is received on account, within the 3 working days from the realization of the reservation.

50% of the remaining amount must be in the possession of the booking agent no later than 28 days before the date of arrival as indicated on the booking form, and the remaining 20% ​​will be paid by the key collection.

When the reservation is made within the four weeks prior to the rental period, 80% of the price of the accommodation will be paid when making the reservation and 20% of this amount, shall be paid by the key collection along with the extras. 

7.- Rescission

The contract is rescinded (the reservation is cancelled) if the renter does not accomplish the conditions stated in the section number 6. The deposit is kept to cover the incurred costs and the damage suffered, included the loss of benefit. 

8.- Administration fees

ALQUILERES IFACH, S.L. will charge an administration fee of 30€ per booking. This expens is included in the final rental price.

9.- Revocation

According to RDL 11/2020, of March 31, the refund does not include the administration fees of canceled reservations, as the sales service has been properly processed. The administration fees are a supplement of 30€ that is added to the price of the reservation to make the sales process possible. Administration fees are included in the final rental price.

Except for the demonstrable case of force majeure of the client, ALQUILERES IFACH, S.L. will also be entitled to compensation consisting of:

10% of the deposit when the cancellation is made more than 30 days before the arrival of the client in the accommodation.

50% when done with an advance of more than 7 and up to 30 days.

100% when the cancellation is made with 7 or less days in advance. 


ALQUILERES IFACH, S.L. Request a deposit of € 150,00 for tourist apartments, in the case of holiday villas it could vary from € 300 to € 1000, depending on the house. This deposit must be paid on the day of arrival, by blocking it on the credit card of the tenant. The deposit will be returned within 7 days after the end of the rental period.

In case of damages and / or losses in the leased, the total amount of the same will be deducted from the deposit. If damage and / or loss suffered in the leased, or damage suffered by the owner and / or the provider of the accommodation are higher than the amount paid as security, the lessee must pay the rest directly to the accommodation provider.

Breakages, losses and / or damage to the leased must be reported immediately to the accommodation provider.

11.-Liabillity of Lessor

The accommodation provider, booking agent or landlord will not be responsible in any way for the loss (of value) and / or damage to the belongings of the tenant and other occupants caused by improper use of the leased property.

If the lessee suffers damage as a result of defects in the property, the lessor's liability shall be limited to the rental price. The legal compensation will be applied to the damages that have occurred as a result of the contractual breach of the lessor. The landlord will not be responsible for any other damages.

12.-Responsibility of the tenant

The tenant who reserves accommodation for other occupants (in addition to himself) will be jointly and severally liable of the total rental price and damages caused by his behavior and for the conduct of all others who stay with him in the rented accommodation. The reservation will be valid for the number of people indicated on the booking form.

Therefore, it is not allowed to occupy the accommodation with more people than indicated, occupancy with a higher number of people could lead to termination of the rental contract and loss of the deposit.

In that case, payments made will not be refunded and the lessee must pay the amount. If the tenant intends to accommodate more people than allowed, they must make a request, in writing to the booking agent prior to the start of the rental period. The accommodation provider may refuse to do so or require payment of an additional charge.

The tenant agrees to occupy the accommodation in accordance with the general rules in force. If the client leaves the apartment for particular reasons, before his stay, he will not be entitled to any refund.

13.- Length of stay, arrival and departure

13.1.- Usually the minimum stay is 7 days. The usual dates of arrival and departure may vary depending on the location (see details on the web). Outside high season, you can usually choose any day of the week as your arrival or departure date.

For the rental period of 4 days or less will be charged usually one supplement per day. For more information you can contact your booking agent.

In case you arrive after the indicated time, the accommodation provider has the right to charge you the costs originated by this key delivery.

13.2.- On the day of departure, must leave the accommodation at the time indicated by their agent, otherwise the accommodation provider and the owner are entitled to claim compensation for damages

This act could imply, as a minimum, the loss of the deposit.

High season: opening hours from 17:00 p.m. to 19:00 p.m.

Departure time, before 10.00 hours. Off season: consult.

13.3.- At departure the tenant must leave the accommodation in a considerable, tidy and swept state.

The elements inside and outside the accommodation like furniture etc.... must be put in their original place.

The dishes should be washed and stored in their place

The Hosting Provider has the right to make a final inspection.

If the Lodging Provider observes that several pieces of furniture have not been put in their original place, or if the accommodation is not in a considerable state of order and sweeped, the hosting provider have the right to charge the additional cost to the tenant (€ 30).

14.- Modification or termination

14.1.- In the event that the lessee or any person staying in the dwelling that is the object of this contract, must remain in it for longer than the contracted person, due to contagious disease or another circumstance that makes it impossible or not recommended to move it. , the tenant must pay the full time of the stay at the price of the house in the occupancy season, bearing the expenses that arise from the relocation of the incoming clients in other houses.

14.2.- Likewise, in the event that for reasons of health and / or hygiene of the previous tenant or the reserved accommodation, it cannot be occupied by the client, the Management Company may replace the rented accommodation with a similar accommodation.

14.3.- In case of force majeure or circumstances of such nature that it is not considered reasonable to demand compliance with the contract, the management company may modify some of the contracted services, replace the leased accommodation with a similar accommodation or even cancel the reservation.

In the latter case, it is obliged to return the amounts already paid.

15.- Prohibitions

It is forbidden for the lessee:

15.1 - The use of the accommodation or overnight in the same, for a number of users higher than the one indicated in the contract.

15.2.- The transfer of the contract, reservation or use to third parties.

15.3.- Perform any activity contrary to coexistence, usual hygiene and public order, or that prevents the normal rest of other users of the property or neighbors.

15.4.- Any actions contrary to the diligent use of accommodation, equipment and facilities that are part of the same.

Failure to comply with these prohibitions may constitute grounds for termination of the contract, prior warning and payment for damages

16.- Complaints

In case of appearance of errors or deficiencies in the accommodation

and in order to avoid inconveniences, you must notify the management company immediately

If the deficiency is not resolved to your satisfaction, you must submit a written and reasoned complaint to the management company.

If you change to another accommodation or leave early the rented accommodation without consulting the management company, you will lose all restitution rights.

17.- Security

The rental price does not include any type of insurance, unless it is expressly stated that the rental price includes insurance and the type of insurance is indicated.

18.- Cleanning costs

Final cleaning costs are included in the rental price.

19.- Bed linen and towels

Bed linen and towels are included in the rental amount. 

20.- Additional facilities

In many cases, if indicated at the time of booking, you can request an extra bed, a cot, a highchair, etc., at an additional cost, which you can consult on the website.

21.- Domestic animals

Most owners do not allow pets. Only with the authorization of the management company and with indication in the reservation form, it will be allowed to have a pet in or around the house. The supplier of the accommodation may require an increase of mandatory final cleaning costs of € 55.00 per pet as well as an additional amount of Security

22.- Works

The management company is not responsible for the noise and inconvenience caused by the works or other circumstances of the tenants, coming from third parties outside the same.

23.-Television with satellite

If the description indicates satellite TV, this does not automatically mean that you can receive all the programs you want. The owners of the houses, mostly foreign, have decoders that are not always suitable for capturing Spanish broadcasters.

24.- Water and electricity

In southern countries there are more frequent cuts in water supply and electricity. Municipal and / or regional authorities, for different reasons, may agree to temporarily cut or limit distribution. In case of a cut of in the supply of water or electricity, the company management will provide the most appropriate means to supply the necessary minimum.

25.- Energy consumption

It may happen that in certain seasons for accommodation with heating or air conditioning are required payment of a weekly charge. For more specific information, you can check the characteristics of the accommodation on the website or you can contact your booking agent.

26.- Data Protection

26.1.- Responsible

Responsible for the treatment



C/ Castellón, 4; Edificio Turis, bajo, 03710 de Calpe (Alicante)

Phone: 0034 965 837 785.

Delegate of Data Protection (DPD):

In the event that ALQUILERES IFACH designates a DPD later, at the time of designation, the data (telephone and email) of said DPD will be published on the website.

26.2.- Purposes of the treatment

Your data can be used to:

  • Manage the provision of the service you hire and the fulfillment of legal and contractual obligations, among the data collected during the service may include health-related data.
  • To send by any means, including electronic means, commercial information about our products and services related to the rental of apartments and / or Christmas or similar greetings.

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26.3.- Legitimation

The legal basis for the processing of your data is the execution of the contract for the provision of services, according to the terms and conditions contained in the General Contract Conditions and compliance with legal and contractual obligations. Commercial communications in relation to our products and services are based on the consent that we have requested for this purpose.

All requested data must be completed, if you do not indicate it ALQUILERES IFACH cannot provide the requested service.

In any case, the refusal and / or revocation of the consent for advertising shipments will in no case condition the execution of the contract.

26.4.- Deadlines / criteria for data conservation

Your personal data will be kept as long as the contracted service is maintained, and for the purpose of sending advertising while the consent for it is not revoked, in which case, the data will deleted, understanding suppression as blocking of the same, in this sense, the blocked data will be exclusively available to the court, the Public Prosecutor’s Office or other competent Public Administrations, in particular to the data protection authorities, for the requirement of possible responsibilities derived from the treatment and for the limitation period of the same.

26.5.- Recipients

It is not expected to carry out data communication to third parties, except legal obligation.

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26.6.- Rights

Exercise of rights: if you wish to exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, portability of your data, as well as the limitation or opposition to your treatment, please send a letter addressed to ALQUILERES IFACH, to the address indicated above, or to the email with the reference Client Data protection, attaching a copy of you ID or equivalent identification document.

Right withdrawal consent: you can revoke at any time the consent given for the processing of your data by writing to ALQUILERES IFACH at the address indicated above, or email: with the reference Client Data Protection, enclosing copy of your ID or equivalent identification document, without this revocation of consent affecting the treatment based on the consent prior to its withdrawal.

Claim: In any case, you may, if you understand that your rights have been violated, file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, domiciled at Calle Jorge Juan 6, 28001 in Madrid, telephone 901 100 099, and website

27.- Legal Regime

For any claim arising from this contract, the parties will submit to the jurisdiction of Denia, waiving the jurisdiction that was applicable.


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