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Calpe is one of the most lively tourist destinations on the coast of the Costa Blanca..

The variety of culture is manifested in the wide range of festivities offered throughout the year and which are a reflection of its history, its traditions and the feelings of its people.

From the arrival of The three wise men in January to the Moors and Christians in October numerous parties are given.

The  Three Kings parade

Date: 5 January. 

Calpe celebrates the arrival of the three kings with a parade and the delivery of gifts to children..


Date: February. 

Organized by the Commission of Fiestas held in Calpe since 1995.

Bonfire of San Juan

Date: June 23 

Is celebrated in Calpe since 1991 with a bonfire and firework in the Arenal-Bol beach.

Virgen del Carmen

Date: July 16 

From 1940 sailors celebrate a big party in honor of its Patron Saint, the Virgin of Carmen.

Festivities "Virgen de las Nieves"

Date: August

This festival is celebrated in Calpe from 1940, in honor to the Virgen de las Nieves, patron saint of Calpe, and is organized by the Commission of Fiestas and  carried out by the "festeros and festeras of 8, 18 and 38 years".

Moors and Christians Festivals

The Festivities of the patron saints and Moors and Christians in honor of the Holy Cristo del Sudor are held in Calpe since 1977 and are organized by the Association of Moors and Christians with the collaboration of the Commission of Fiestas, which together  combine the religious, popular and historical acts with great majesty and devotion.


The Holy Week calpina has recovered in the last years  with an extraordinary dynamism
Four confraternities join together with the Commission of Fiestas and the parishes of Nuestra Sra. de las Nieves y Nuestra Sra. de la Merced, to organize a full and comprehensive program

Holy Week becomes a religious, cultural and tourist event, The devotion and fervor that comes out of each act is linked to a great aesthetic and cultural value.

And at the same time the Holy Week is one  tourist resource more, in an attractive way for which it is worth visiting Calpe these dates..

House of Andalusia

The House of Andalusia has been present in Calpe since 1996 and throughout the year they organize several festivities, among them are:

The Andalusian Day in February, The Cross in May, the Andalusian Fair in July and the Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Rocío in September.